Advice - Colic

Try using ‘Dentanox’ in their bottles - Skyla got Colic pretty bad to the point where she would wake up screaming in pain & she’s always been quite difficult with bring her wind up as it is but this worked a treat! 

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I realised I haven’t posted on here for quite some time now, nearly 6 months in fact so I thought it would be good to carry on writing here. Even though I still have my personal Tumblr, I’m going to keep this one for all things parent/baby related.

We still don’t want pictures of Skyla on the internet just yet for various reasons so unfortunately I can’t share those on here but I can share early advice and would love to speak to other parents as well!

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Skyla’s ride!

Skyla’s ride!

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Breast feeding -

If you can do it definitely do & really try to stick at it. It can be stressful & very tiring but if you’ve got a supportive partner then it’s definitely doable & the most beneficial feeding method for both Mum & baby.

Oh & if you’re expressing, it may not seem like it at first but it does get easier over time :) 

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Labour story -

So Sunday morning I went for my 10:30 sweep appointment, I got into the room in the hospital & the woman started doing her thing & stopped pretty quickly. She asked if I’d been getting contractions at all that morning & I said that I had been feeling little period type pains but nothing intense, she then told me that I was 4cm dilated & moments away from established labour. I was a little thrown to say the least. She then told us to go home, run a nice warm bath & call the hospital.

It seems as soon as I was told this my body woke up & threw me into contractions, we went home & phoned the hospital, by this point they were roughly 1 every 5 minutes but seemed to be speeding up really fast. About an hour or so later we called back & I spoke to the woman at the hospital, she said to stay in the bath & stay at home for as long as possible. I went to lay down but by this point my contractions were coming every minute or two. Craig left the room for a second to get something & as he did I felt a horrible pop/crunch sensation which wasn’t too pleasant so I called Craig back in. He helped me up & I had a little trickle, not quite sure if it was my waters or what, but I was expecting a big ‘gush’ that didn’t come. From them contractions were harder & faster & I started feeling like I needed to push. Craig rang the hospital & it wasn’t until he said that that they said it shouldn’t be this early, but you need to bring her in.

When we got to the hospital Craig & his Mum got me a wheelchair & took me up to the Oasis Birthing Unit, they did an internal examination & told me I was 8cm dilated. They got me into the room & I attempted to walk round for a bit but I just couldn’t get comfy. They undressed me & got me in the birthing pool & I had gas an air while I was in there. Although it felt better, (the water felt really nice on my back in particular) contractions were losing strength in the pool. I was feeling the need to push but then it felt like when I was, nothing was really happening. They said they could just about see the head but then when I was stopping she was going back again. I was in there for about two hours and then they got me out. 

We tried finding a position I was comfy in but my back was hurting more than anything else. I tried getting down on all fours, tried the birthing stool, they didn’t work. At one point I was laying on the floor on my side with one leg up but they said it would be better to have gravity on my side so I got up & lent over the bed, Craig was the other side opposite me, holding my hands, I had my legs apart & I was up on my tiptoes. Sounds strange, it was the most comfortable I had been in about 4 hours. & that position seemed to do the trick. Miss Skyla Kathleen Young was born at 4:19pm on Sunday, July 29th.

I don’t actually remember getting up on to the bed, but I remember the midwife Jess, catching her behind me & asking me to bring my leg over her arm & as I saw her for the first time I just put my hand over my mouth & kept saying oh my god & crying haha. I was so shocked/happy/over-whelmed (not sure quite what I was expecting haha) & after I was up on the bed they put her straight on me. I sat there with her just looking at her, utterly taken away. Craig was by our side & all I could do with cry with happiness. After a little while they gave her to Craig so that they could sort my lower regions. I ended up with a 2nd degree tear & a couple stitches, but nothing too horrendous. She did her first, wonderfully sticky poop all down Daddy’s arm the first time he held her. I couldn’t stop looking at her without crying hah.

Had to stay in hospital for three nights & have lots of blood tests. My iron levels dropped to 7.3 so I was given two units of blood which was fun. We’ve been home for the past two nights & are really getting into the swing of things. Craig is absolutely amazing with her, always gets up & changes her & talks/sings to her & gets up for the night shift & helps. 

I’ve honestly never been this happy in my life. I love my boyfriend & my beautiful baby girl more than anything in the world & I look forward to everything to come.

Established labour: 5 hours.
Pain relief: gas & air (2 hours ish)
Baby weight: 8.10lbs
Height: 51cm 

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That moment when you realise -

Holy shit, I’m actually going to have a baby.

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Update -

I went & saw the midwife Friday, she did all the usual & then offered me a membrane sweep. I heard they weren’t too pleasant but thought anything’s worth a try to get this little one on the move. It was rather awkward as she’s just gone ‘right, take your trousers & undies off then’, I don’t think I’ve been just completely kinda, openly naked in front of anyone but Craig for years now. So she did that, it wasn’t too bad at first but then she did ‘two really good sweeps’ as she called them, well, it didn’t feel like there was much ‘good’ about them, I’ll say that now.

After it was all done, she said I was very favourable & that she wouldn’t be surprised if she was to arrive in a couple days. Two days later & still nothing. I’ve felt little bits of cramping & discomfort here & there in the last couple days, but she said I would due to the sweep anyway. She booked me in for another sweep at the hospital today & I was really hoping I wouldn’t make it but it looks like I’m going. Hey ho.

The things we do for the people we love, eh?

Now 40+7

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Stretch marks -

I have a stretch mark that started where my belly-button piercing used to be & then appears to have branched out. Where my piercing was is now red & looks like the trunk & then I have little shiney stretch marks that look like branches, so when Skyla asks me about it when she’s older I’m going to tell her - 

We all start as seeds, work up from the roots & branch out into strong, beautiful trees.  

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40 + 1I’m now 40 + 4 & want my bubba to come out now! 

40 + 1

I’m now 40 + 4 & want my bubba to come out now! 

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The other day my friend asked me if, now Skyla was going to be around, I wouldn’t be getting tattoos & I’d be re-thinking the way I’d want to look etc.

At the time I didn’t really think much into it but now I’m a bit like, actually, that’s a really stupid question. For instance he asked if I still wanted loads of tattoos to which I said yes. The only thing is I wouldn’t have anything gross or swearing etc, which I didn’t exactly plan on anyway. If anything, she’s added another tattoo to the list because I want to get one for her on her first birthday.

I don’t know why, this just came across my mind again & irritated me slightly.

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